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Launch searchmash, an experimental site started by Google
Uses Ajax and some other web2.0-ish features.
News Google launches "Features, Not Products" initiative
Sergey Brin is telling employees to stop making old products and start improving new ones. "For example, said Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, Google plans to combine its spreadsheet, calendar and word-processing programs into one suite of Web-based applications."
Launch Google Code Search
Google now lets you do searches -- including regular expression searches -- across public source code.
Preview Google testing new site design
James Yu has a screenshot of a new design Google has been testing lately.
Launch Democracy, the free internet TV system
The Participatory Culture Foundation (formerly Downhill Battle) has finally launched their Internet television platform. Grab existing videocast feeds or make your own, all with a gorgeous interface.
Launch Google Pages, new Geocities-style site-building software
Google has released a new program that gives users 100MB of web space to make simple HTML pages in.
Launch Google running AdWords in newspapers
Google is buying the leftover ad space in the _Chicago Sun-Times_ and filling it with AdWords ads related to the rest of the content. I wonder how they're going to charge advertisers. The domains posted are the real domains, so it can't exactly be pay-per-click.
Launch TextPayMe, makes it easy to send money through SMS
Want to send someone $4? Just text "PAY 4 [phone number here]" to
Launch Google Music, search for bands and albums
Purchase CNET buys Consumating, dating site for bloggers andgeeks
Started as a hobby by Internet rockstar Ben Brown.
Launch Pandora, creates a custom webcast of music you'll like
Pandora uses an exhaustive database of musical features generated by the Music Genome Project to figure out what songs you'll like. Then it creates a custom webcast station that plays those songs, learning as you tell it which songs you like and don't.
Story Xooglers, Google's former Marketing Director tells his story
Some great stories about Google's early days, with more to come.
Launch Click-to-Call AdWords, Google will let you call advertisers
Launch pbwiki, start your own wiki in seconds
"As easy as peanut butter." Started by David Weekly.
Launch Protopage, create your own personal start page
Pick a background, drag and drop some windows, etc.
Update Blind test reveals Google offers best results
The Search Engine Experiment gives you the results from Yahoo, MSN, and Google without saying which is which. Currently, 41% of those who have taken the test picked Google (33% Yahoo, 26% MSN).
Preview Newsvine, a community news sharing site
"why did four perfectly happy Disney/ESPN employees leave their jobs to build it? ... [It will be a]ttractive not just in looks but in function as well. At Newsvine, we feel strongly that an article's life only begins the second it is published. It is only when readers interact with it that it achieves its full impact." (sign up for the beta)
Launch Google Analytics, see the statistics on your website
A free version of Urchin, a company Google bought. (official blog post)
Announce Google to unwire Mountain View, WiFi on street lamps
You could also buy equipment to extend it into your house. (proposal)
Preview Dabble DB, easily build custom online web apps
"Dabble combines the best of group spreadsheets, custom databases, and intranet web applications into a new way to manage and share your information online."
Launch Google adds Creative Commons support
The Google advanced search page now lets you limit your search to CC-licensed results.
Launch Google Local Mobile, get Google Maps and more on your mobile phone
Satellites, drag and drop, and more.
Preview BBC Annotatable Audio Project, provides a wiki for annotating the BBC's audio content
This is pretty amazing stuff.
Launch Simple JavaScript Database, uses TrimQuery and AMASS to provide a full SQL database in JavaScript
This takes us another step closer to the possibility of being able to run Ajax applications like Gmail while not connected to the Internet.
Preview Google on the future of advertising
In a long New York Times piece, top Googlers speculate about the future of advertising, including Google selling TV ads, using more personalized information, and links to store inventory information.
Funding Digg, a democratic news site, gets $2.8M in VC from Greylock, angels
Investors include Omidyar Network, the outfit led by eBay co-founder Pierre Omidyar, Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen, and Greylock partners.
Update Flickr adds support for photo printing, books, DVDs, posters, stamps
"At the same time, we're rolling out a pilot program allowing other businesses access to our commercial APIs ... the goal is to open it up completely and give you the biggest variety of choices when it comes to doing things with your photos."
Launch Seattle 911, maps 911 calls in real time
Following in the footsteps of Adrian Holovaty's Chicago Crime, Seattle 911 shows you where all the latest 911 calls originated from and whether they've been responded to yet.
Sale Search engine sells for $101K on eBay
Backstory: the developer of this web app was tired of keeping it running so he sold the site -- the domain, the trademark, the software -- on eBay with the starting bid as one cent.
News TypePad blogging software is having trouble keeping up with growth
"We're currently pushing about 250mbps of traffic through our multiple network pipes, and that's growing by 10-20% each month. (If you're more familiar with bandwidth stated in terms of transfer allowances, that's a transfer rate of almost 3TB (terabytes!) per day.) ... the data center we are in ran out of space and power"
Launch Yahoo! Trip Planner, share trip plans including hotels, sightseeing, and notes
(official blog entry)
Launch Google Video adds 450 interviews with top television producers
(official blog entry)
Update Google "Smart Pricing" charges less for clicks from poorly-converting sites
Details about how it works in the link.
Event Seattle Mind Camp, November 5-6
Launch Kaboodle, collect and review pages you find on the Internet
Sort of like Listmania but for web pages. Also see H2O Playlist.
Launch Waxmail, send voice emails from Outlook
From the makers of Skylook, which saves Skype calls as MP3s. Joins vemail, Slawesome, and Springdoo.
Launch Jobster, location-based job meta search engine
Also plots results on a Google map. Recently received $20M from the Mayfield Fund, joining Ignition Partners and Trinity Ventures. Competitors include Simply Hired ($3M in angel funding) and Indeed ($5M from NYT and Union Square).
Launch Frappr, place photos of you and your friends on a Google Map
(sample map) It uses your zip code to figure out where to place you on the map.
News MSN joins Open Content Alliance, commits to scanning 150,000 public domain books in 2006
The Open Content Alliance is an organization that includes Yahoo!, the Internet Archive, and a number of libraries and is committed to scanning books that are out of copyright and putting them on the Web completely free for any purpose. Some sample books are also now available. One of them details the project.
Preview Motherload, new broadband network from Comedy Central
Lets broadband users access video clips from popular Comedy Central shows as well as special broadband-only content. Expected to be able to view it on mobile devices soon as well. MTV has a similar system called "Overdrive".
News Google strengthens focus on Greater China
Appoints "President of Sales and Business Development".
News Google donates $350,000 to open source projects at Oregon State
(Google blog post)
Preview Google Base, a structured database hosted by Google
(screenshots) An official statement from Google says the site was designed to "provide content owners an easy way to give us access to their content". (more screenshots)
Update Google briefly releases Google Web Accelerator 2.0
The product that drove webmasters crazy was back...for a moment, at least.
Coming stickis, post a note to yourself and friends on any webpage
Back during Bubble I, a startup called Third Voice allowed you to post a sticky note on any webpage for everyone to see. Website authors cried foul and the company eventually went bust, but stickis apparently plans to revive the feature, although the notes (annotations) are reportedly only shared with friends.
Launch BlinkList, feature-packed social bookmarking site
Launch Google Maps Mainia, a blog covering Google Maps apps
There sure are a lot -- everything from ZipCars to urinals.
Preview, visualize the tags in your social network
Coming, project management software just for programmers
The author also runs a weblog about practical software development.
Launch Socialight, location-based communication on your mobile phone
Walking around and see something cool? With socialight, you can leave a 'sticky shadow' in that locations so that if your friends head back to the same place they get your message or photo.
Launch Riya, face recognition photo search
You upload your photos to Riya and it recognizes the faces in them and allows you to search based on the people. They hope to analyze the photos on the entire Web soon.
Launch Vizu, community polling website
Coming ma.gnolia, new twist on social bookmarking
"What you mark in Ma.gnolia not only stays found but keeps coming back to you as your interests change. That’s our pitch, plain and simple, and it’s why we say that found is the new search." Web design guru Jeffrey Zeldman lends his endorsement. Beta launch in December.
Launch Healthline, web-based medical search engine
Get easy to understand, doctor-reviewed information on medical conditions.
Launch, intelligent music recommendations
Uses Wikipedia and social networking. (review)
Launch Taskable, RSS and OPML browsing in your Windows taskbar
The OPML support allows for some cool features, like quick access to the different stores.
Launch Inform, another new RSS reader
Scored an article in the New York Times.
Launch PreviewSeek, new topic-based search engine
Search for [apple] and it will ask whether you meant the fruit or the computer. Also provides previews of the resulting pages right in the search results.
Launch Eurekster Swicki, create your own search engine
Launch Qumana, blog editor that makes it easy to add ads
"Features: post-centric ad insertion, post to email."
Launch Yelp, review local businesses
Reminds me of Epinions (now owned by CNET's a little.
Launch Insider Pages, share reviews of local attractions with your friends
Preview Wink, people-powered search
Lets users tag search results to improve searches in the future.
Launch Pump Audio, connecting indie musicians with TV/movie licensees
Pump Audio takes music from indie musicians and provides it to people who make television shows and movies so that they can have pre-licensensed, genuine music to put in their works.
Update Y Combinator's Winter Founders Program Speakers include founders of Blogger, Excite
The deadline for the Winter Founders Program is just days away, but Y Combinator has announced some of the impressive speakers that will address the founders, including Joel Spolsky (Fog Creek), Evan Williams (Blogger, Odeo), Joe Kraus (Excite, JotSpot), Chris Sacca (head of new business development at Google), and Simon London (management editor for the Financial Times).
Coming Shopify, hosted ajax online store software
Touted as the new Viaweb, Shopify looks to be a Ruby on Rails based online store builder.
Launch Outfoxed, web browser with built-in trust metric
Outfoxed is a Mozilla derivative that shows you whether your friends like certain web pages in things like Google search results.
Update Yahoo!, MSN link instant messaging networks
Combined network has 275 million users.
Launch AMASS, Flash-based Ajax local storage system
A clever hack that uses the disk storage features built into Flash to let Ajax applications store data on your local hard drive, instead of keeping it all on the server.
Update Google now helps search for plane tickets
Search for something like [lax nyc] and Google will help you buy plane tickets for that trip.
Learn Interview with creator of i2hub, Wayne Chang
i2hub is file-sharing software that's extremely popular at some colleges.
Hire Tom Coates joins Yahoo! Tech Development Group
Joining a number of recent high-profile blogger hires -- Blogdex developer Cameron Marlow, Django (a Python-based Ruby on Rails competitor) developer Simon Willison, and developers Andy Baio and Leonard Lin -- BBC developer Tom Coates ( has been snapped up by the Yahoo! Tech Development Group.
Coming John Henry, web-based IDE for Ruby on Rails
From Obie Fernandez and Michael Granger of ThoughtWorks; it'll be demoed at RubyConf 2005.
Update Google Local adds restaurant details
Now when you search for restaurants on Google Local (formerly Google Maps), you get details about the restaurant (location, food, reviews) along with its location. (example)
Preview Termite, new (ajax?) open-source RSS reader
The folks at Ionist (see below) are apparently working on some sort of web-based RSS reader. Looks very nice.
Hire two Ruby on Rails team members join 37signals
Sam Stephenson (the developer of the Prototype Ajax library that's included with Ruby on Rails and is quickly being used by every Ajax app) and Marcel Molina, who previously did Ruby on Rails consulting as Ionist have joined the lead developer of Ruby on Rails at 37signals, makers of such Ruby on Rails-based web apps as Basecamp.
Launch, displays hotels on a Google Maps
See exactly where the available hotels are on a Google Map.
Launch ajax domain name search
Startup school attendee Beau Hartshorne has downloaded lists of every .com and .net domain name and imported them into a large MySQL database. Now you can instantly see whether a domain name is taken as fast as you can type them. It really makes it easy to try different variations and possibilities.
Preview Sphere, new blog search
Google and Yahoo have joined existing startups Technorati and IceRocket in launching blog search services. Now here comes another blog search startup, with an interface designed by Adaptive Path (see below), that touts better spam filtering. (screenshot) The company apparently has ties to Oddpost, the early ajax-based email client that Yahoo! purchased and plans to roll-out as Yahoo! Mail soon.
Preview Measure Map, new blog site stats app from Adaptive Path (Jeff Veen)
Despite an intense blog-based promotional campaign, the site stats software Mint hasn't exactly taken the world by storm. Now design usability consultancy Adaptive Path is following the path of their colleagues 37signals in branching out towards products with this hosted site stats service specifically for blogs. You put a piece of JavaScript into your blog template and you can visit the Measure Map site to get the info about your visitors at a glance. It's developers claim that it's specifically designed to help you understand how to better work your blog, but the screenshots and demos currently available don't contain any details on this. (some screenshots now up)
Launch Flock, new Web 2.0 browser with built-in and blogging
Flock (formerly round two), the well-funded San Francisco startup that is trying to include "Web 2.0" stuff right in their Mozilla Firefox-based browser, has finally launched a developer preview (reportedly because people were sharing private versions on filesharing networks). In my testing, the software is still buggy, slow, and crash-prone, but it's full of buzzwords -- tagging, blogging, Web 2.0, Ajax, and Firefox.
Hire Matt Mullenweg leaves CNET to work on WordPress full-time
Matt "photomatt" Mullenweg, creator of the open source blogging software WordPress is leaving his job at tech destination site CNET to work on WordPress full-time. Mullenweg is currently in the process of launching, a (free?) WordPress-based blog hosting site. (Tip: You can get a free blog by using Flock; see above.)
Hire "DVD Jon" Johansen joins "Oboe", Michael Robertson digital music project
"DVD Jon" Johansen, the Norwegian teenager who cracked the CSS encryption on commercial DVDs, has since turned to cracking the encryption on songs downloaded from the iTunes Music Store. He's recently been snapped up my Michael Robertson, the man behind Lindows, to work on a new digital music project named "Oboe" for his company mp3tunes. Details about the project are scarce but Johansen notes that Robertson will protect him from any more lawsuits.
Learn Startup School report from Linux Journal
A look back at the Y Combinator Startup School as well as Y Combinator's funding programs. References a joint EU-US report on venture capital which notes:
there is a fundamental market failure in the provision of early-stage financing in both the US and the EU. Venture capital funds are concentrating on larger and larger deals, leaving the small and risky early-stage deals aside. This is due to the more attractive returns and lower risks available in later-stage investments to more established firms, and in buyouts of larger companies. This can become a self-reinforcing cycle: because few venture capital funds are active in the seed and early stage area, they don’t have any longer the necessary knowledge to operate there. The few remaining seed funds and the business angel investors cannot by themselves cover the demand for equity investments.
Learn Slides from Startup School
The Startup School run by Y Combinator has ended but you can download the presentations from their top-name speakers. Videos of the talks are said to be coming soon.
Learn Interview with Jason Fried of 37signals (w/ MP3)
Jason Fried is founder of 37signals, the company that started as one of the leading usability design consultancies and has, since the launch of their project management software Basecamp, transformed into one of the leading web-based software companies. Their lead programmer, David David Heinemeier Hansson, is also the creator of Ruby on Rails, which not only powers all of 37signals's software but is fast becoming the toolkit of choice for web applications everywhere.
Launch Remember the Milk, featureful ajax to do list
37signals has their barebones Ta-da List, but Remember the Milk provides a todo service with tons more features.
Purchase Verisign buys Moreover for $30M
Hot on the heals of buying, Verisign, the company that manages the .com infrastructure, has purchased Moreover, one of the first RSS companies. Moreover provides bloggers with access to a wide variety of news stories through RSS and other methods.
Update Google adds tagging support
Tagging has been all over the place recently and apparently Google couldn't resist. Now you can tag sites in your search history for later retrieval.
Launch Google RSS Reader
Google joins the already crowded RSS aggregator space with their new ajax RSS reader, done in the style of Gmail. Blogger project manager Jason Shellen led the project.
Coming Chalk, ajax online collaboration software
A real-time collaborative environment along with social networking-style buddy list features.
Coming infogami, web-based site building software
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